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The most authentic shop for local Emarati gifts for tourist to savour & take home beautiful memories of Arabian nights from UAE. Immense choice of a wide range of gifts & souvenirs handcrafted locally as well as from the region. Al Jaber Gallery’s handcrafted items are sourced from the finest craftsmen in the Middle East and South Asia. Al Jaber Gallery selects the most intriguing pieces which reflect exotic embellishment and outstanding style for Arabian craftsmanship which is liked by all.

To Fully Appreciate the Beauty of Al Jaber Gallery’s huge Collection, We Encourage You to Visit Our Showrooms. We Have Been Serving Tourists with Our Exclusive Traditional Gifts Reflecting the Culture of Uae Through Different Brands Stores of Al Jaber Gallery Stores.


Enhance Your Style

The history of Arabian jewellery is long and goes back many years, with many unique designs and patterns which make it different from the rest of the world. It has endured for many thousands of years and still provides various insights into how ancient Arabic culture evolved. UAE is one of the most sought-after locations in the world for purchasing jewellery. When it comes to the authentic, unique and stylish collection of jewellery Al Jaber Gallery is the best in the regions. Al Jaber Gallery has a huge collection of a wide variety of Jewellery which suits to types of people and pockets. All our jewellery & ornamental products meet stringent international quality standards and are known for their high quality, style, unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail. This has given Al Jaber Gallery a competitive edge within the local and regional market.

We have established a reputation based on innovation, reliability and accountability, through our professionalism and distinctive range. Al Jaber Gallery has a vast range of products for all tastes and needs. If you are a tourist or a resident if you have not visited the Al Jaber Gallery or its Branches, you have missed something major in UAE. To see the showroom location click here.


One-Stop-Shop For Gifts & Souvenirs

If you are a tourist looking to buy some authentic Arabic gifts & souvenirs for your beautiful memories in UAE? If you are a resident who is looking to buy some unique gift for loved one’s special day? If you are an ex-pat returning home and looking to buy some gifts for your relatives back home? Then Al Jaber gallery and its brand stores are the best one-stop-shop for gifts & souvenirs in the whole UAE. Al Jaber Gallery is the biggest gift and souvenir chain in UAE with over 26 outlets in the leading malls and high streets of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Al Jaber Gallery has a wide range of products which suits all type of tastes and pockets. Al Jaber Gallery has a wide range of Arabic style souvenirs at value for money. This shop stocks so many wonderful and novel gifts & souvenirs that can tremendously improve your home and office furniture Dubai looks for ever. Anybody could spend hours shopping and enjoying the arts & crafts.
This shop is not just for tourists it is also for people who live here! There is a huge collection of men’s, women’s and kids dress, accessories, bags, etc. Al Jaber Gallery also has wide varieties of kitchenware, stationaries, toys, etc. If you are looking for some antiques, handcrafts, arts or frames don’t worry, Al Jaber Gallery also have a huge collection of these items too.

To Fully Understand & Appreciate the Beauty of Our Huge Collection, We Encourage You to Visit Our Showrooms.